Highlights Puzzle Club

The creative and interesting puzzles in Highlights Puzzle Club will delight kids with hours of fun in each book. Whether your child is a beginner at the Puzzle Buzz level (ages 4 to 7) or an experienced solver at the Puzzlemania level (ages 7+), Highlights Puzzle Club has plenty of challenges to offer.

Puzzle Club

Ages 4 through 7

What builds self-esteem in an eager young learner? Parents and child experts agree, lasting confidence comes from a child's accomplishments — from winning small challenges and mastering new skills. With Puzzle Buzz, even the youngest child learns to tackle activities independently, and puzzle-solving skills begin to grow.

If your child starts with the beginning Puzzle Buzz level and needs a greater challenge, simply contact us to switch to Puzzlemania®, the next level up in Highlights Puzzle Club.

See why Highlights Puzzle Club is perfect for any child!

Ages 7 and up

Kids will love the increased challenge (and silliness) that comes with the Puzzlemania level of the Highlights Puzzle Club.

The Puzzlemania level has more challenging versions of Puzzle Buzz favorites and new puzzle types and characters to love.

If your child starts with the Puzzlemania level and finds it too challenging, simply contact us and we'll switch you to the Puzzle Buzz level.

  • To order by phone, call 1-888-372-6433
  • Print a gift announcement
  • Let your special child know Highlights Puzzle Club™ is on the way!

Club Features

  • 32 pages of fun for quiet time or for sharing with friends
  • Mazes, word games, codes and more activities
  • Builds school skills through play
  • 2 new books every 4 weeks
  • 3 sticker puzzles in each book
  • Easy to switch levels

Once children have completed the books in the Puzzle Buzz level, we’ll automatically begin shipping books from the Puzzlemania level. If your child is ready for an extra challenge sooner, call 1-888-372-6433 to switch levels at any time!

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